We lovingly raise a mixed breed flock of organic laying hens for eggs. We also have a few roosters to keep the ladies in order.

We are also proud suppliers of heritage poultry. At this time, we raise Mistral Gris chickens and Blue Slate turkeys, but are also exploring other breeds that may too suit our farm conditions.



Male turkeys are called “gobblers,” after the “gobble” call they make to announce themselves to females (which are called “hens”) and compete with other males. Other turkey sounds include “purrs,” “yelps” and “kee-kees.”

Heritage   versus   Conventional chicken

Heritage birds are genetically healthier (not prone to heart or leg failures).

Heritage birds have a longer life span (twice as long!). Because they live longer, they're believed to be more flavourful. 

Heritage birds are more active, respond better to pasture (better foragers) and veggie feed. 

Heritage birds are overall hardier and healthier birds from start to finish.

Pigs & Cows

A group of pigs is called a “sounder.”

Cows can recognize their names (though they may not come when called!).

 We hope to  incorporate ducks into the mix in the future.

And we are very excited to soon be organically raising heritage pigs in our woodlot and grass-fed heritage cattle on our organic pasture for beef and dairy.

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