How many weeks is your CSA program?
Full Diet Share:
The Full Diet Share is designed for a year round (52 week) membership only. However, a one-time 8 week trial period is offered to every family wanting to explore if the Full Diet Share is right for them.

Full Diet year round members get Bigleaf Maple syrup (once they've completed a full year - this prevents those taking advantage by reaping the year round benefits but failing to complete their year round membership).

Half Diet Share:
We require a minimum 8-week commitment (this allows you a reasonable trial of our program and eases administration). Our program runs year round, so 52-week options are available.

Half Diet year round members get a 10% discount.
The discount is allocated in the last 5 weeks of your year-round membership. You are expected to pay the true share cost ($25 or $35) per week as per usual throughout your membership, however your final 5 shares will be provided free of charge. This is a new policy to prevent those taking advantage of our discount by failing to complete their year round membership.

How can I pay for my share?
We accept cash, check or e-transfer.

Paying via check? Please make it out to "Elia Zanon".

We prefer you pay monthly, quarterly or annually, but weekly options are available to those who need it.

Paying monthly?  Please pay the 1st of each month for the appropriate number of Fridays in the given month (normally 4 Fridays per month, but few months have 5 Fridays).
In 2018, the following months have 5 Fridays:
All other months have 4 Fridays.

Paying quarterly? Pay for 13 weeks at a time, 4x per year.

What if I am unable to pick up my share Fridays 10am-6pm?
Contact us directly by email or phone and we will organize an alternative pick up that works for both of us.

What if I go on vacation?
Year round members can put their share on hold for up to 3 weeks per year. 8-51wk members can put their share on hold for 1 week per year. Even better, we encourage you to offer your share to a friend when you're away.

What if I decide this share isn't for me?
We encourage you to give our share a try for 8 weeks before commiting. If you choose to opt out of your commitment, it entails an opt out fee of 25% of your remaining member fee in order to ensure the livelihood of the farm.
For example, if you signed up for the large half diet share for 30wks, but after 15wks decided you wanted to opt out, your opt out fee would be $35 x (30-15wks) x 25% = $131.25.

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