Half Diet CSA

Veggie Share

For those who enjoy traditional CSAs and those not ready for the full diet commitment,  the veggie share is for you.

Includes 6-10 different vegetables each week in quantites appropriate for your chosen share size (see below).

Small Share  (1-3 people) $25/wk.
Large Share (4-6 people) $35/wk.
*10% discount for year round members!

Half Diet CSA

                                                  *10% discount for year round members
                                                                                  (that is 5 weeks free)!

 Share Size     Price/Week      Year Round Price/Week
     Small              $25/wk                          $22.50/wk
(1-3 people)

     Large              $35/wk                          $31.50/wk
(4-6 people)

*The 10% discount is allocated in the last 5 weeks of your year-round membership. You are expected to pay the true share cost ($25 or $35) per week as per usual throughout your membership, however your final 5 shares will be provided free of charge. This is a new policy to prevent those taking advantage of our discount by failing to complete their year round membership.

Weekly pick up at the farm (2590 Sahilton Rd) 12-7pm every Friday.

Half Diet Shares are similar to traditional CSAs.

Unlike the free choice, Full Diet Share which is priced per person and includes unlimited quantities of all the farm has to offer, Half Diet Shares are priced per family and thus include limited quantities.

The Half Diet Share includes a wide variety of seasonal veggies in quantites appropriate to your chosen share size (small or large).

You'll also have the option to purchase other farm grown goods while you pick up your veggies each week. Eggs, poultry, seeds, beans, flowers are just some of the items that are likely to be available. You'll also be able to purchase grains and mill them on site, as well as oilseeds and press them on site. 

   Spring             Summer               Fall                  Winter

Together we can foster a healthier community.

Members of CSAs get to eat super-fresh produce, packed with flavor and vitamins.

Manna ≈ heavenly food

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