We tap Bigleaf Maple trees and make a delicious, strong, dark syrup each winter. All of which is distributed only to our YEAR ROUND FULL DIET CSA members.

The sap of Bigleaf Maples has about 2% sugar (compared to 4% sugar found in the sap of the eastern Sugar Maples). The sap is boiled down to 66% sugar at which point it becomes the thick syrup we know. It takes twice as long and twice as much work relative to our eastern counterparts to make Maple syrup. Because of the longer boiling time, western syrup is darker and more flavourful. We now like nothing but western syrup. We also love to drink the fresh sap and use it in our smoothies. While our tapping operation grows, we look forward to distributing fresh sap to our members in addition to syrup.

Manna ≈ heavenly food

Manna Farm
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Cowichan Valley, BC, Canada

Local, Organic, Sustainable